Red ants dwarf helium atoms

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By AaronOfTomorrow on 07/18/2006 04:52 AM

PlaneLoader has been updated to version 1.1. There's now a tutorial and a couple more sorting methods.

I also added Big McLargeHuge, which will be lost on anyone who doesn't watch MSTSK MST3K.

Scream like you've got a pair...of boobs!

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07/18/2006 04:03 PM
What's MSTSK, is that anything like MST3K?
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07/20/2006 12:39 AM
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07/26/2006 12:29 PM
3:35, check it:
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07/30/2006 11:09 PM
Holy crap. A post on chewonglass that isn't dominated by comments from 10 different Marc L. alternate accounts? I...don't know how to deal with this. PS: get back here, new zealand is old and played out.
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07/31/2006 02:32 AM
Totally, I should abandon this backwater craphole for the buzzing metropolis of Pullman. P.S. You die, ho.
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09/01/2006 12:44 AM
I hate him
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Dick Steele

09/10/2006 01:55 AM
Dude, seriously! The websites from Ramadi are updated more often than this!... granted the Prog Comics usually feature beheadings...
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09/16/2006 09:35 PM
I know that this site is like THE place to be on the internet because of the 88 Gigs of free streaming pooorn, but what's with all the added security? Are the Spambots kicking your ass or something? Oh yeah, I should be Stateside in like 2 days...
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09/17/2006 07:36 AM
Yeah, there were like 3 or 4 fake user account being created a day, so I added a really weak CAPTCHA. But they got around that after a couple months, so I changed it to an image CAPTCHA, which should work pretty good. I can't imagine anyone putting much effort into spamming my site, with my 3 visitors per day. One of them being me, and the other 2 not speaking english.
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lil honey

09/17/2006 08:47 PM
ok so hey lol wutz poppin !!!