Things heat up in KotOR2

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By AaronOfTomorrow on 08/18/2005 02:35 AM

mighty fine gland you got there

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08/18/2005 08:00 PM
sometimes I have to take a newspaper to the bathroom when I am extracting a gland... it can be a few hours
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08/19/2005 07:57 PM
I popped out a gland last night. Tore me up!!!!!!
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Dick Steele

08/22/2005 07:23 PM
I think Aaron has a glandular problem. That explains why his wang is so huge. And why he was shaving in the 3rd grade.
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08/24/2005 12:56 AM
All your gland are belong to us!
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08/24/2005 01:26 AM
Hey did you know that "Gland" is just "land" with a G in front of it.... It's true. And like. it's "and" with a "gl" in front of it too. And you can spell "Nad" with the letters if you want to. I like nads.