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By AaronOfTomorrow on 06/04/2005 08:08 PM

Air Hockey is finally finished. Here's a nifty cheat code: start up a game, then type "theme jelly", then hit enter.

Also, this:

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Dick Steele

06/05/2005 11:30 AM
That was some of the finest pocket hockey I have ever played. Your intimate knowledge of pockey hockey helps bring such realism to the game, I felt like I was back in jr high knocking my puck around. Kudos, OddMan, I give this gem four out of four.
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06/05/2005 08:26 PM
sweet, make a tournament mode, or where you can compeet against other real people online.
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06/05/2005 08:26 PM
hey, whats that say about me having man-titties??
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06/06/2005 04:27 AM
Its shit! far to easy even on hard. and the sounds are annoying, cool puck tail though.
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06/06/2005 01:35 PM
did anyone else notice that the puck trail and everything looks like a big sperm on the black & white mode? Not that I would care though, I mean, I wasn't looking... y'know...
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06/06/2005 03:15 PM
says who. i lost every time
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Dick Steele

06/06/2005 07:14 PM
I was reading the reviews online at newgrounds.com and someone said that there was like an impossible level or something... so is that true, and if so, how do I find it?
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06/20/2005 02:42 PM
Seriously, if this site doesn't update soon I'm gonna have to start chuckin' rocks at your house
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07/20/2005 06:05 AM
crap dam you crap brain