strizoke in my brizain

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By AaronOfTomorrow on 06/07/2004 03:13 AM

Eating's not cheating

mc chris' new album, Eating's not Cheating, is not quite as good as Life's a Bitch and I'm her Pimp, but its pretty damn close. My favorite is Ratz, but the funniest by far is badass.

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06/13/2004 04:40 AM
Yeah, Badass is pretty hilarious, especially at the end. Any idea where you can get his ATHF tracks?
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06/13/2004 11:46 PM
Nope, all I\'ve been able to find so far is the ATHF theme and the his Sealab birthday song.
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10/18/2005 10:37 PM
Look up MC Chris on altavista under the mp3 section